sfeMovie is a simple C++ library that lets you play movies in SFML based applications. It relies on FFmpeg to read medias and remains consistent with SFML's naming conventions.

What sfeMovie does

  • allow reading and playing audio and video from movie files
  • provide basic controls like play, pause and seeking
  • support a lot of standard file container formats and audio/video codecs (see FAQ)
  • work on the main OSs: Linux, macOS and Windows
  • provide access to the current image for external uses
  • choose which audio/subtitle stream should be used
  • display bitmap, textual and ASS subtitles (optional support)
See the documentation and FAQ for a full overview of the provided features!

And what it doesn't do

  • play a movie from a web stream
  • record video from a webcam
  • anything else unrelated ;)
See the issue tracker for an overview of what the planned features are.

A sample player playing the Sintel trailer and Big Buck Bunny

sfeMovie Player screenshot sfeMovie Player screenshot sfeMovie Player screenshot

Typhon Launcher previews

Typhon screenshot Typhon screenshot Typhon screenshot

Want to share your own screenshots showing sfeMovie? Let's get in touch!